"Jan at Inspire Norfolk has been helping me to stay in work. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and often this makes it difficult for me to stay in work. I get in a muddle if I’m rushed or if I have to remember lots of things at one time. Jan is there to help make sense of some of the aspects of my work. She’s also helped to liaise with other agencies to help with other aspects outside of work."

Access to Work Client

"Jan at Inspire Norfolk has helped support us with recruiting staff for a number of roles within the business. We now have a young person in the office and one on the workshop floor. Inspire Norfolk took away all of the hard work in terms of recruitment and I simply turned up at the interviews, Jan had sorted everything else."

"Jan has really helped the staff settle in and worked with our team around some of the teething problems we experienced. Having Inspire Norfolk on hand has really taken the pressure off us and we can just get on with doing our jobs and Jan sorts all of our recruitment needs."

Dan - The Joinery Yard Employer

"Here at Osiris almost all of our staff have come through an apprenticeship route. The vast majority have been recruited by Jan at Inspire Norfolk. I believe that we employed the first apprentice that her business recruited and we have been huge fans of Inspire Norfolk ever since. Jan always goes the extra mile to support both the employer and the apprentice and acts as a liaison with the training providers. This can often be a help as a small business they understand what we need and how we can offer a unique opportunity to an apprentice. I would always recommend a business uses the services of Inspire Norfolk as this will save time and money and ensure the apprentice is a great fit for the business."

Phillip - Osiris Technologies Employer

"We have now recruited 3 apprentices to the team within 6 months. All three apprentices are the perfect fit with our existing team and the job specification given to Jan during our initial discussions."

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Inspire Norfolk and to employ local young people who benefit from our training program and also able to continue their studies."

"We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and its services and I look forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship in the future."

Shaun - Metrorod, Employer

"Here at Cator Family Car Sales we have used Inspire Norfolk on a number of occasions to recruit our apprentices. We had a fabulous result with our first apprentice who joined our Sales Team we then employed an administrator. Initially things went well but we soon realised that it wasn’t working. True to her word Jan came straight back and supported us in dealing with the situation and eventually helped in letting the apprentice go. She was straight back searching for another candidate and we now have Tennessee who has settled beautifully with the team. We have recently added another apprentice to the team as a Mechanic and no doubt Joe will settle as well as our other apprentices. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jan at Inspire Norfolk if you are planning to recruit our fourth apprentice."

Sophie - Cator Family Car Sales

"I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s from an early age and I was fearful that I wouldn’t achieve the same kind of things as everyone else, things like independent living and holding down a stable job. I had worked for many years doing voluntary roles, applying for jobs and improving my skills but had been unsuccessful and my confidence was waning. I met Jan at an interview almost 4 years ago and we started working on social interaction and interview skills. With this help I found a part time job, which eventually lead to a full time role. This allowed me to buy a flat. Jan helps me regularly with concerns I have at work and some general day to day living that would otherwise impact on work. I am immensely grateful to Jan and my employer as I think I would not be where I am today if they hadn’t helped me, that’s for sure!"

Access to Work Client

"We are so grateful to Jan for organising our work placements. She looked after us all and when there were any problems she always came and spoke with the employer to help sort things out. We learnt a lot at our placements and understand the difference between healthcare here in the UK and at home."

"Jan also looked after us outside of work to make sure that we saw all the lovely places in Norwich and some of the best shops! We had a brilliant time in Norwich and would like to come and stay again."

Tale - Norwegian Healthcare Student