About Us

Before we tell you about us we’d like to highlight what’s in it for you. As an employer it can be really rewarding employing staff and watching them grow and develop but it can also be a minefield, throw apprenticeships into the mix and you’ll soon be looking for support. At Inspire Norfolk we can answer all your questions and if we can’t we’ll find someone who can. Over the years we have supported all types of businesses across a range of sectors and sole traders who wanted to expand their businesses. The traditional route to recruiting an apprentice had pretty much left them to their own devices. At Inspire Norfolk we felt that they needed a bit of hand holding and as a result we support employers through the entire process. This was how we first started with the trades but soon expanded to incorporate a range of employers from Butchers to Builders and Restaurants to Retirement Homes. Inspire Norfolk has been meeting the needs of employers large and small ever since.

As a young person you might be wondering if we can help you, well you’re in luck. The company was actually set up in 2012 after Jan Roberts found her own son struggling with the transition from school to the world of work.  Having worked for many years with young people with additional needs Jan felt there was very little provision to actually support young people if they didn’t have a clear idea of their future goals. Jan knew from this personal experience that parents are the last people at that time that young people want to take advice from. So Inspire Norfolk can help you in a number of ways just pick up the phone and have a chat to see the best way can assist you. Even if you’ve got a job and it’s not working out well call the team and there’s bound to be something we can help with.

When we needed to add to our team we considered the apprentice route. Inspire Norfolk had supported a colleague, so we contacted them immediately. They were so knowledgeable and helped us every step of the way, from getting appropriate C.V’s sent to us to arranging the job description.